You Too can be an Aviation Cadet (Old AF Ad).  Please click on the link below, great commercial! When through, hit the back button on your browser.  The slide show will resume.  Below the photo’s are seven buttons.  Clicking on them will hold the present selection.  Otherwise the show will advance by itself in about 10 seconds.



Ignite Your Imagination at Aviation Cadet World

You won’t soon forget Aviation Cadet World of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Experience an interactive environment that ignites your imagination with the possibilities of flight.


Real Aircraft and the AeroBall Simulator

Explore actual aircraft that were flown in combat. Soar in the skies with the AeroBall flight simulator. Learn about the brave pilots who served in this nation’s defense.


Silver Wings Field & Brigadoon

Check out the working private airfield, Silver Wings Field, and stay overnight at Brigadoon, a three story bed and breakfast located on a 220-acre estate just down the mountain from the airfield.


Honoring All Aviation Cadets

ACW is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the gallant men who trained in the Flying Cadet Pilot Training Program (1917-1941), the Aviation Cadet Training Program (1941-1965). Navy Marine and Coast Guard cadets (1935-1968) with a few up to 1991.


Knights of the Air

These “Knights of the Air” took to the skies when their nation called them during both World Wars. Patriots Errol and Beth Severe want to welcome you to an experience that celebrates America’s innovative legacy of flight.


What Our Clients Say

“I am a critical person; I found nothing to be wrong (according to God’s Word) in all that was presented.”


– Bob Ballinger

Meet The Master Comments:

“I am a critical person; I found nothing to be wrong (according to God’s Word) in all that was presented.” Arkansas State Representative Bob Ballinger

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I’M Flying! By Mark Berent

Yes, I fly props, why do you ask?   I’M FLYING!                                     by Mark Berent 53E Columbus AFB , Mississippi My heart was pounding so hard with joy I thought it would leap from my chest as I eased back on the control stick and the wheels of my airplane, a bright yellow […]

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In the Eye of the Media

This photo of Errol in the F-105 was published several years ago in USAA Magazine. Which Aviation Cadet World aircraft would you like your photo taken in?

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Errol’s First Landing at Silver Wings Airfield

Beth and Errol Severe next to an L-2 after making his first landing at Silver Wings Airfield. Where was a landing you celebrated? Let us know.

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Blast from the Past #1

Errol Severe at Vance Air Force Base in 1960 next to a T-33. Do you have a favorite aircraft photo you’re next to? Leave a link below or email us and we may run it in future ‘Blasts from the Past.”

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